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Organization Info
Rachel Seely, Ph.D.
Scientific and Technical Advisor for Human Factors
Human Factors Division (ANG-C1)
Advanced Concepts and Tech Development Directorate
Program Director(Acting)
Air Traffic Control/Technical Operations Human Factors More
Flightdeck/Maintenance/System Integration Human Factors More
NextGen - ATC/Tech Ops Human Factors More
NextGen - Air Ground Integration Human Factors More
NextGen - Self Separation Human Factors More
Includes Acquisition Management System policy, guidance, and standards for Human Factors. More
The HF Portfolio Database identifies the human factors R&D activities
in the flight deck and air traffic domains . More
View the NAS Enterprise Architecture Human-Systems Integration
(HSI) Roadmap components . More
Federal Aviation Administration and National Aeronautics and Space Administration View Plan
The Research Facilities survey lists many of the Government and college facilities available to support Human-in-the-Loop research and demonstrations, as well as their capabilities   ANG-C1 Report
Introduction to HF Fundamentals More