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The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS®) is an empirically derived system-safety model that effectively bridges the gap between human error theory and the practice of applied human error analysis. A proven safety management tool, HFACS facilitates the reliable identification, classification, and analysis of human error in complex, high-risk systems such as aviation, healthcare, and nuclear power industries. The HFACS framework comprehensively addresses the myriad of active and latent failures known to influence operator performance. In doing so, HFACS allows safety professionals to identity all of the factors that influence performance and cause operators to err.

Influence diagram displaying main influences including organizational, unsafe supervision,preconditions fo unsafe acts, and unsafe acts. organizational includes resource management,organziational climate, organizational process, unsafe supervision includes inadequate supervision, planned inappropriate operations, failed to correct problem, supervisory violations. preconditions include physical environ, technological environ, adverse mental states, advers psychological states, physical/mental limits, crew resouce management, personnel readiness, unsafe acts include decision errors,skill-based errors, perceptual errors, routine violations, exceptional violations