Situation Awareness

Airport Traffic Control Tower Visibility Analysis Tool
In the past, Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) siting decisions have been significantly influenced by the upper height limits imposed by terminal procedures (TERPS) and controller opinions. Because . (Read Complete Description)
China Lake Situational Awareness
5-point rating scale of situation awareness in flight. . (Read Complete Description)
Crew Situational Awareness
The extent of convergence between multiple crew members’ continuously evolving assessments of the state and future direction of a process. ( . (Read Complete Description)
Situation Assessment Rating Technique (SART)
The Situational Awareness Rating Technique is a multi-dimensional rating technique (Taylor 1990). The three primary SART rating dimensions, corresponding to the three clusters of the original construc . (Read Complete Description)
Situation Awareness Global Assessment Technique (SAGAT)
“Situation awareness is the continuous extraction of environmental information, the integration of this information with previous knowledge to form a coherent mental picture, and the use of that pictu . (Read Complete Description)
Situation Awareness Model for Pilot-in-the-Loop Evaluation (SAMPLE)
SAMPLE, developed by Charles River Analytics with support from Wright-Patterson AFB, models the behavior of operators (individuals or crews) of complex human-machine systems. It has been applied to se . (Read Complete Description)
Situation Awareness Verification and Analysis Tool (SAVANT)
SAVANT was developed by the FAA Technical Center in New Jersey, USA (Willems and Heiney, 2002). SAVANT is a combination of SAGAT and SPAM. The SAVANT measure is an attempt to retain and combine the ad . (Read Complete Description)
Situation Present Assessment Method (SPAM)
The Situation Present Assessment Method is based on the assumption that SA involves simply knowing where to find information in the environment to find a particular piece of information, as opposed to . (Read Complete Description)
Situational Awareness Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (SABAR)
Researchers at the University of Queensland developed the Situation Awareness Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (SA/BARS) Technique for Air Services Australia. The SA/BAR technique requires expert o . (Read Complete Description)
Situational Awareness Linked Indicators Adapted to Novel Tasks (SALIANT)
SALIANT, developed by the US Naval Air Warfare, Centre involves the use of a theoretically based list of behaviors (known to be associated with SA) to assess team behavior. It is an inferential . (Read Complete Description)
Temporal Awareness/Testable Responses
Ability of the operator to build a representation of the situation including the recent past and the near future. . (Read Complete Description)