Generic Performance Measurement

Air Crew Fatigue Avoidance Tool (FAST)
FAST is a software tool developed for the US Air Force to predict the joint effects of sleep schedule, sleep deprivation, and circadian variation on human performance. . (Read Complete Description)
Behaviorally Based Performance Rating Scale
The performance evaluation method is a research-oriented testing and assessment tool designed to measure the efficacy of new systems, system enhancements, and operational procedures in simulation rese . (Read Complete Description)
Charlton's Measures of Human Performance in Space Control Systems
Attempts to measure human performance in space control operations using questionnaires. . (Read Complete Description)
Consistency Inspections
Consistency inspections are conducted to determine if multiple products from the same development effort are consistent in their design and operation. A common example might be the Microsoft suite of . (Read Complete Description)
Distributed Cognition
An approach to studying all aspects of cognition. The most well known level of analysis is to account for complex socially distributed cognitive activities. ( . (Read Complete Description)
Eastman Kodak Company Measure for Handling Tasks
A series of 8 measures have been developed to assess human performance in repetitive assembly, packing, and handling. . (Read Complete Description)
Environment Analysis
An environment analysis is simply a description of the environment in which the activities or basic tasks will be performed. This information can be used to determine certain system characteristics th . (Read Complete Description)
FAA Behaviorally Based Rating Scale
The Behaviorally Based Performance Rating Scale is a form consisting of 24 rating scales. These scales focus on observable actions that trained air traffic control specialists could use to make behavi . (Read Complete Description)
Haworth-Newman Avionics Display Readability Scale
This scale is based on the Cooper Harper Scale, it is used to investigate displays. . (Read Complete Description)
Mission Profile
Represents the events or situations that maintainers or operators could confront in a new system. Mission profiles are mostly applicable in the conceptual phase. . (Read Complete Description)
Mission Scenario
A mission scenario is a detailed narrative description of the sequence of actions and events associated with the execution of a particular mission. The information can be used to establish mission eff . (Read Complete Description)
Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)
Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) is a technique that provides a visual representation of the pattern of proximities (i.e., similarities or distances) among a set of objects in a “k” dimensional space, u . (Read Complete Description)
System Records Review
This method utilizes existing system evaluation records for HE analysis and review. A number of typical T&E program records exist that HE practitioners may find useful to review such as test logs, mai . (Read Complete Description)