Function Allocation

Aviation Topics Speech Acts Taxonomy (ATSAT)
ATSAT supports the encoding and hierarchical arrangement of operator and task performance. The encoded messages can be entered in a spreadsheet and be imported for statistical analysis. ATSAT uses the . (Read Complete Description)
Cognitive Function Analysis
Cognitive Function Analysis (CFA) is a methodology that enables a design team to understand better the right balance between cognitive functions that need to be allocated to human(s) and cognitive fun . (Read Complete Description)
Decision Action Diagrams
These diagrams are similar to functional flows except that decision points are added.  Each function is expressed as a "verb-noun" combination with occasional adjectives or other modifiers.  Each deci . (Read Complete Description)
Decision Matrix for Allocation of Function
“The chart below shows where the “goodness” in response to some performance demand is scaled from unsatisfactory (U) to excellent for both the human (h) and automation (a). Demands that fall into the . (Read Complete Description)
Fitts List
The Fitts List is used to help determine the allocation of function between humans and machines. The technique involves comparing the capabilities of man and machine in terms of general task abilities . (Read Complete Description)
Functionality Matrix
A functionality matrix displays the system functions that each user will require for the different tasks that they perform. Critical task functions are identified so that more time can be paid to them . (Read Complete Description)
Operational Sequence Diagrams (OSD)
OSD is a graphic representation of operator tasks as they relate sequentially to both equipment and other operators. The OSD is essentially a flow process chart (FPC) expanded in terms of channels or . (Read Complete Description)
Reliable Human Machine System Developer
REHMS-D uses a six-stage system engineering process, a cognitive model of the human, and operational sequence diagrams to assist the designer in developing human-machine interfaces subject to top-leve . (Read Complete Description)