Human Reliability

Human Error Assessment And Reduction Technique (HEART)
A technique to arrive at the human error probabilities by matching the task being assessed to one of the nine generic task descriptions from a given database and then to modify the human error probabi . (Read Complete Description)
Human System Interactions (HSYS)
HSYS was developed at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) for analyzing human performance deficiencies in technologically complex operations. Like MORT, HSYS is a generic model based on f . (Read Complete Description)
Technique For Human Error Rate Prediction (THERP)
Although THERP was originally developed to aid military strategists to determine expected failure rates for nuclear weapons, it has also been applied to the analysis and design of human-machine intera . (Read Complete Description)
Technique For The Retrospective And Predictive Analysis Of Cognitive Error (TRACEr and TRACEr-lite)
TRACEr was developed in 1999 in NATS (National Air Traffic Services, UK), as a means of classifying human errors and their causes in air traffic incident reports. TRACEr is based on the Human Factor I . (Read Complete Description)