Anthropometric Data Set
The DoD Human Systems Information Analysis Center (HSIAC) anthropometric data files are a collection of data from civilian and military surveys conducted over 50 years of research. . (Read Complete Description)
Ergonomics Checklists
Checklists are a simple and cost-effective way for a human factors professional to assess the ergonomics of existing or proposed systems. . (Read Complete Description)
Human Factors Design Standard (HFDS)
The purpose of the HFDS is to provide a single easy-to-use source of human factors design criteria, oriented to the needs of the FAA mission and systems. An additional goal is to facilitate use of app . (Read Complete Description)
Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling (Snook) Tables
Initially, in 1978, Snook, and later in 1991, Snook and Ciriello, published results from a huge psychophysical study for Liberty Mutual Insurance, which began in 1967. The results were integrated int . (Read Complete Description)
MIL 12D Abbreviations
The standard provides a list of abbreviations authorized for use on drawings, and in specifications, standards, and other technical documents. . (Read Complete Description)
MIL 1474D Noise limits
“This standard establishes acoustical noise limits and prescribes testing requirements and measurement techniques for determining conformance to the noise limits specified herein.” “This standard app . (Read Complete Description)
MIL 1908 DOD Definitions
Military handbook 1908B defines terms frequently used in human factors standardization documents by providing common meanings of such terms to ensure that they will be interpreted consistently and in . (Read Complete Description)
MIL 759C HE Design Guidelines
This document provides basic guidelines and data on human engineering design for military systems, equipment, and facilities. . (Read Complete Description)
MIL-HNBK-46855A: Human Engineering Program Process And Procedures
This handbook provides human engineering (HE) program tasks, procedures and preferred practices, and methods for application to system acquisition. The program tasks outline the work to be accomplishe . (Read Complete Description)
MIL-STD-1477C Symbols For Army Systems Displays (Metric)
This standard prescribes the physical characteristics of ground and air track symbols, unit / installation symbols, control measures symbols, equipment symbols, and associated alphanumeric information . (Read Complete Description)
MIL-STD-1787B: DoD Aircraft Display Symbology
This standard describes symbols, symbol formats, and information content for electro-optical displays that provide aircrew members with information for takeoff, navigation, terrain following/terrain a . (Read Complete Description)
MIL1472F Design Criteria Standard
This standard establishes general human engineering criteria for design and development of military systems, equipment and facilities. Its purpose is to present human engineering design criteria, prin . (Read Complete Description)
NASA Man-Systems Integration Standards STD-3000
This document provides specific user information to ensure proper integration of the man-system interface requirements with those of other aerospace disciplines. These man-system interface requirement . (Read Complete Description)
Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS)
This document presents uniform standards for the design, construction and alteration of buildings so that physically handicapped persons will have ready access to and use of them in accordance with th . (Read Complete Description)