Boeing Human Modeling System (BHMS)
BHMS is a menu-driven, interactive computer program used to define design requirements and aid in design evaluation of aircraft assembly, operations, and maintenance. It employs a 3-D human mannequin . (Read Complete Description)
Computerized Biomechanical Man Model (COMBIMAN )
COMBIMAN is a 3D interactive computer graphics model of the human operator developed for the Air Force to aid in evaluating the physical accommodation of an existing or conceptual 3D workstation desig . (Read Complete Description)
Design Evaluation for Personal Training & HF
DEPTH is a CAD tool that allows maintenance activity to be analyzed using articulated, three-dimensional human figure models (HFMs). The HFMs, provided by the Transom Jack software, are accurate repre . (Read Complete Description)
ErgoEASER, is a software package that has been developed to aid in identifying, evaluating, and preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. ErgoEASER offers suggestions on how to address ergono . (Read Complete Description)
ErgoIntelligence is a software product that performs ergonomic analyses of job tasks. There are two varieties. (1) Upper Extremity Assessment (UEA) incorporates a variety of tools including RULA, REBA . (Read Complete Description)
Graphical Airspace Design Environment (GRADE)
The Graphical Airspace Design Environment (GRADE) is a tool to conduct complex analyses on a variety of aviation-related applications. GRADE enables analysts to visually examine radar track and flight . (Read Complete Description)
HyperCard is a graphical database system in a programming environment. The software product that uses the metaphor of a stack of cards, each of which may contain pictures, text, and other interface el . (Read Complete Description)
JACK Dynamic Anthropometric Modeling
Jack is a software package developed at the Center for Human Modeling and Simulation at the University of Pennsylvania. Jack provides a 3D interactive environment for controlling articulated figures. . (Read Complete Description)
MacSHAPA is a Macintosh®-based software environment that supports Exploratory Sequential Data Analysis (ESDA). MacShapa was designed specifically to assist the investigator who is involved in observin . (Read Complete Description)