Observation Tools

Field Study or Naturalistic Observation
Naturalistic observation is first stage of many programs of research in psychology as well as other sciences. The researcher views users as they work and take notes on the activity which takes place b . (Read Complete Description)
Link Analysis
Link Analysis depicts the interactions between components in a system (human or machine). Generally, links can be subdivided into three classes: communication (auditory or visual); control (from hum . (Read Complete Description)
Observation - Continuous Direct
Continuous direct observation is simply the process of taking a relatively continuous record of a task or work activity or some other component of the test program. This observation activity provides . (Read Complete Description)
Observation - Sampled Direct
This method is virtually the same as continuous direct observation except that the researcher collects data only during the times that critical system functions are being performed. This method is va . (Read Complete Description)
The Observer is a system for the collection, analysis, presentation and management of observational data. It can be used to record activities, postures, movements, positions, facial expressions, socia . (Read Complete Description)