Project Management

FAA Assessment Framework for HF Process Improvement
This is a FAA document consisting of a translation matrix between the process improvement approach advocated by FAA iCMM and that advocated by the FAA Human Factors Job Aid. It supplements the iCMM pr . (Read Complete Description)
Gantt ChartsĀ 
Gantt charts graphically illustrate the courses of functions and tasks over time. Henry Laurence Gantt developed Gantt charts in the second decade of the 20th century. Gantt charts were used as a visu . (Read Complete Description)
Guidelines for Human Factors in Post Implementation Review
This document supplements FAA Acquisition Management System (AMS) Post Implementation Review (PIR) guidance and provides direction on incorporating human factors considerations into the PIR process. . (Read Complete Description)
Guidelines for Human Factors Requirements Development
The purpose of this document in to provide basic guidelines for the development of human factors requirements. This document focuses on the stages of requirements during product team requirements det . (Read Complete Description)
Human Factors Acquisition Job Aid
The purpose of this Human Factors Acquisition Job Aid is to serve as a desk reference for human factors integration during the lifecycle acquisition management process. The first chapter contains an . (Read Complete Description)
Human Factors Integration Guide for Mission and Service Area Analysis
This document provides guidance on integrating human factors in the activities of the mission and service area analysis. Many of the deficiencies of requirements development processes, investment a . (Read Complete Description)
Integrated Capability Maturity Model for Human Factors Process Area
The document provides a Human Factors Process Area description to be used in support of an Integrated Capability Maturity Model. The purpose of Human Factors Engineering is to ensure that systems a . (Read Complete Description)
Requirements for a Human Factors Program (HF-STD-004)
The FAA's standard describing "Requirements for a Human Factors Program" (HF-STD-004) is to be the primary tasking document used by the FAA to specify human factors efforts during system acquisitions . (Read Complete Description)