Data Mining

Aviation Safety Data Mining Workbench
The Aviation Safety Data Mining Workbench developed by the MITRE Corporation consists of three data mining techniques for application to aviation safety data. The first technique, FindSimilar, uses bo . (Read Complete Description)
Hyperion Intelligence (Formerly Brio Intelligence)
Brio Intelligence software is used to scan through large volumes of data, and extract meaningful, often unknown facts about an organization's data. Almost any query can be performed with the results a . (Read Complete Description)
NetOwl is a tool that analyzes free text, whether contained in newspapers or in mission-critical database records. It automatically analyzes the important events expressed in free text, including such . (Read Complete Description)
Perilog is a suite of data mining tools that retrieves and organizes contextually relevant data from any sequence of terms (text, musical notes, genetic data, etc.). It is an integrated set of methods . (Read Complete Description)
PolyAnalyst is a universal data mining system from MEGAPUTER Intelligence that automates knowledge discovery in large volumes of either structured data or free form text. PolyAnalyst can identify key . (Read Complete Description)