Cost / Risk/ Benefit

Cost Estimation for Conducting Simulations
This tool structures total simulation costs into different phases: simulation planning, simulation development, simulation shakedown, simulation execution, quick look report and technical report creat . (Read Complete Description)
Cost-Benefit Analysis for Human Factors Integration: A Practical Guide
The Human Factors Integration (HFI) Cost-Benefit Analysis guidance provides methodological aids for how to make the cost case for HFI for a specific project or programme, based on a risk analysis. It . (Read Complete Description)
Decision Analysis
Decision analysis is a procedure for exploring and evaluating a course of action. A decision tree is drawn that represents every alternative variable in the problem. The probability of an event happen . (Read Complete Description)
Human Factors Assessments In Investment Analysis:
This document provides a brief description of a “Human Factors Assessment” especially those conducted during the Investment Analysis process. The Human Factors Assessment is a process that is integrat . (Read Complete Description)
Human Factors Cost Estimation – Potential Approaches: A Concept Paper
The objective of this concept paper is to develop possible approaches for estimating human factors cost for a NAS modernization program. The intent of this document is not to validate these approaches . (Read Complete Description)
National Airspace Resource Investment Model (NARIM)
NARIM is being developed jointly by the FAA Investment Analysis and Operations Research Directorate and NASA Interagency Integrated Product Team (IPT) for Air Traffic Management (ATM). NARIM provides . (Read Complete Description)