Data Analysis

Activity Catalog Tool
ACT is designed for those interested in analyzing and understanding human behavior The ACT program provides instant, real-time statistical analysis of the observed sequence, including such measures as . (Read Complete Description)
All-Digital Integrated Video Analysis System (ADIVA)
All-DigitalTM Integrated Video Analysis (ADIVA) is a tool for concurrent analysis of multiple streams of video, conventional data sets and user-defined event data. Digitized video is associated with n . (Read Complete Description)
Cluster Analysis
Cluster analysis (CA) is a collection of statistical methods that is used to organize observed data into meaningful structures or clusters. Similar to Card Sorting, it is often used in conjunction wit . (Read Complete Description)
Confusion Matrix
A confusion matrix is an array showing relationships between true and predicted classes. Typically the variables are an observation and a prediction. Each row in the confusion matrix represents an obs . (Read Complete Description)
Exploratory Sequential Data Analysis
Exploratory sequential data analysis is any empirical undertaking seeking to analyze systems, environmental, and/or observational data (usually recorded) in which the sequential integrity of events ha . (Read Complete Description)
Multimedia Video Task Analysis (MVTA)
MVTA Multimedia Video Task Analysis® automates time and motion studies and ergonomic analysis of visually discerned activities using a novel graphical user interface. MVTA was developed by Dr. Robert . (Read Complete Description)
Spotfire™ is a data retrieval, visualization, and analysis software package. It allows the user to select combinations of various data elements for analysis to quickly reveal trends, patterns, and rel . (Read Complete Description)
Developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Intelligence community, Starlight incorporates both an advanced information model and a variety of effective visualization tools. Starli . (Read Complete Description)
STATGRAPHICS Plus is a comprehensive, powerful, statistical analysis package that incorporates more than 250 statistical analysis techniques in a Windows-like format. The product is available in three . (Read Complete Description)