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Alarms and Alerts in the Technical Operations Environment '07

Primary Investigatior :
Background :  More and more systems and facilities are being monitored and controlled by Technical Operations specialists using visual displays terminals in centralized locations. As a result, these specialists become responsible for many different systems and facilities. Without standardization, these specialists are likely to encounter different symbolic representations, both visual and auditory, of the same object, and the use of the same or similar symbols to represent different objects. The consequences of this lack of standardization are increased training time to learn symbols, increased time to interpret and respond to the symbols, and increased risk of error in interpreting and responding to the symbols. There are many events that can cause a system to go into an alarm or alert status. Whether a condition triggers an alarm or alert depends heavily on the particular system and the impact that that condition will have on the system and the National Airspace System infrastructure as a whole.

Technical approach :  This proposed standard builds upon the excellent work conducted by researchers at the Human Factors Division, William J. Hughes Technical Center, Atlantic City International Airport, NJ. The literature was reviewed; screened for applicability to the Technical Operations environment; and relevant provisions, design criteria, and guidelines were extracted and summarized.

Research Question :  This proposed standard is intended to provide design criteria and guidance for the presentation of alarm and alerts signals in the Technical Operations environment.

Expected completion date :  03/31/2008