A human factors researcher applies electroencephalogram probes to participant A tower display
Two seated pilots commanding an aircraft en route Two seated pilots commanding an aircraft en route


The NextGen Human Factors Division (ANG-C1) manages multiple research programs that produce scientific and technical information to support the human factors needs of organizations across the Agency, including the Office of NextGen (ANG), the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), and the Office of Aviation Safety (AVS). The Division also provides Human Factors Engineering guidance to support the National Airspace System (NAS). The Division’s products provide information for FAA to develop and update standards, guidance material, regulations, job aids, procedures, training, and other documentation that address human capabilities and limitations, to help ensure civil aviation safety, productivity, and efficiency.


The NextGen Human Factors Division is an FAA focal point for human factors research and engineering. The Division manages four research portfolios to support agency needs, and performs critical functions to facilitate early integration of human factors in planned concepts, new acquisition programs, and pre-implementation programs. The Division leads multiple work activities to centralize and align human factors needs across the Agency, and to maintain awareness of industry advancements and external collaboration opportunities. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Managing two research budget line items for flight deck human factors
  • Managing two research budget line items for air traffic human factors
  • Providing human factors cross-agency integration through the NextGen Human Factors Integration Lead position
  • Supporting FAA acquisitions programs, including signature authority for In-Service Decision
  • Coordinating human factors research needs and results within the agency and the Department of Transportation
  • Coordinating human factors research plans with other national and international aviation research organizations (e.g., NASA and EUROCONTROL/SESAR)
  • Coordinating human factors research and application externally through an aviation human factors community of practice
  • Serving as the Designated Federal Official for the Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) Human Factors Subcommittee
  • Maintaining the representation of human factors within the National Airspace System Enterprise Architecture

The NextGen Human Factors Division maintains robust partnerships across the Department of Transportation (DOT), other U.S. government agencies and civil aviation authorities, industry, academia, and various workgroups. Each partnership has contributed significantly to supporting the FAA’s mission "to provide the safest, most efficient aviation system in the world."

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The left margin of this page provides simple access to selected FAA human factors research reports. Many other research products like these are available on other sites (e.g., see right margin). The left margin also provides access to an air traffic control Tower Visibility Tool.

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For further information, please feel free to contact the Human Factors Division at NextGenHF@faa.gov.