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Anthropometrics (continued)

We again use the concept of "population."  This is important in anthropometrics as there are differences in size and body segment proportions due to age, gender, and ethnicity.  So, to properly select the data to use, we must know something about our population composition, and we must know what percentage of the population we wish to accommodate.  The anthropometric range will be much different if we are designing products for male, professional basketball players than if we are designing for the general public.

Item 34 - Illistrating Stature or height of a person Stature (Item 34) in inches
  1st 5th 50th 95th 99th
Men 63.1 64.8 69.1 73.5 75.2
women 58.4 60.2 64.1 68.4 70.1


Functional Reach (Item 43) in inches
  1st 5th 50th 95th 99th
Men 28.4 29.1 31.5 34.1 35.3
women 25.9 26.7 28.9 31.4 32.4

Item 43 - Illistrating 43 inch reach of a person

Data from FAA Human Factors Design Guide



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