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Welcome to Flight Deck / Aviation Maintenance

The FAA is concerned with ensuring the safety and efficiency of pilot and maintainer per­formance through guidelines, handbooks, advi­sory circulars, rules, and regulations.  It provides industry with human performance information and guidance critical to the design, operation, reg­ulation, and certification of equipment, training, and procedures.  With this in mind, the Flight Deck/Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Program conducts and manages research that provides the technical information necessary to generate these products and services.

There are five major research areas in this program: Air Transportation Human Factors; Flight Technologies and Procedures; Aviation Maintenance; General Aviation; and Vertical Flight.  The intended outcomes for this program are to improve air transportation safety by creating outputs which facilitate:  

  • Developing more effective methods for air­crew, inspector, and maintenance technician training.

  • Developing improved human-centered flight con­trols and displays.

  • Increasing human factors considerations in certification of new aircraft and equipment design and modification.

  • Improving aircrew, inspector, and maintenance technician task performance.

For additional information on Flight Deck/Aviation Maintenance activities and programs, please contact Dr. Tom McCloy, at 

Federal Aviation Administration
Room 907A
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20591