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De Vinci Man image Generic Error Modeling System (GEMS)
Description : GEMS is an error classification scheme developed by Reason that focuses on cognitive factors in human error as opposed to environmental or other context-related factors. It is based heavily on Rasmussen’s three major categories of errors: skill-based slips and lapses, rule-based mistakes, and knowledge-based mistakes (SRK). GEMS is a more general description of the cognitive “black box”, which can be used to address the mechanisms of both slips and mistakes. GEMS taxonomy of error types is a useful method to assess cognitive determinants in complex technological environments.
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References : 1) Alm, I. Cognitive Tasks: A Meta Analysis of Methods. FOA Report No C 500985.5, Sundbyberg, Sweden, National Defense Research Establishment, Department of Human Studies (1992). 2)“Modeling erroneous operator behaviors for an air-traffic control task”, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, Third Australasian conference on User interfaces, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Pages: 43 – 54. (2002) ISBN ~ ISSN:1445-1336 , 0-909925-85-2 3) Reason, J. Human Error. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1990.
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