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Lesson Goals

This module presents an overview of one approach to training program development, Instructional Systems Development (ISD) and the Human Factors contributions to that process. The goal of this module is to:

  • Introduce a performance-based, systematic, objective-oriented training development process that is suited for complex system instruction.
  • Foster an understanding of the relationship between human-centered system design and the efficacy and efficiency of training for that system.
  • Present trends in computer use in training, including part-task simulation, full task simulation, and virtual reality.
  • Provide information on computerized training and multimedia effectiveness.
  • Define "transfer of training" and identify obstacles to its achievement.
  • Propose techniques that can be incorporated into training programs to enhance learning retention and training transfer.
Virtual Reality BioSimMER
For Training Rescue Personnel
(Sandia National Laboratories)

   This module should take 30 minutes to complete

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